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Bay Window Costs And Pricing

Bay window costs range anywhere from $800 to $4,500 for the bay window, all the materials and the complete installation and labor portion of the project. Bay windows are expensive, but they are also a beautiful addition to your home to can add real value to your home. Our site provides a complete guide to bay windows, from how to get hire the right contractor, to selecting the best brands and models for your project

-- Price Range: $800 to $4,500 + fully installed --

Basics & Information

Bay windows consist of three large window panels which are mulled together at an angle - thereby creating a unique space which can become a feature point in any room. They are the perfect choice for alcoves or nooks in the living or sitting area where you can take full advantage of the outside views.

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Costs And Pricing

Bay window pricing encompass a big range, from $800 to $5000 or more - this is installed pricing and includes the cost of the bay window, the materials required for the install as well as the labor costs. Explore three different distinct price points and links to pages that go into more detail on what you can expect in terms of materials, features, installation, etc.

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Installation Costs

Installation costs can run anywhere from $300 to $1,500, depending on the type of installation needed and the complexity of the job. In most cases, installs will be done by a two or three person teams that must safely remove the old unit and then properly install the new bay window, which is typically heavy and cumbersome.

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